Akin Kazakci






Principaux intérêts de recherche

  • Design theory (C-K theory, logical and mathematical modeling in design, formal learning and creativity models)
  • Design reasoning and OR/AI models (design assistants, simulation of design reasoning, AI in design, conceptive artificial intelligence, machine learning in design)
  • Design Creativity (modeling, experimental approaches, methods for creativity)
  • Design and innovation management (modeling of emerging collaborations in innovative design)

Responsabilités académiques

Récompenses, conférences invitées

  • Outstanding contribution award, International Design Conference, 2014, Croatia
  • Best Paper Award, European Academy of Management, 2014, Spain
  • Best Paper Award, International Design Conference, 2004, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Research and Teaching Grant (ATER) from French Ministry of Education and Research
  • PhD. Research Grant (Allocation de Recherche) from French Ministry of Education and Research
  • Scholarship for Excellence, French Ministry of Education and Research, 1999

Activités d'enseignement

At MINES ParisTech

  • Design theory and Eco-design (2009-…). Creation of the module for Specialised Master « Ingénierie du Véhicule Electrique » (with Sophie Hooge). Includes 30h theoretical lectures, exercise sessions and group projects.
  • Operations research (starting 2013-…). Master TRADD sponsored by Renault. Includes 21h theoretical lectures and exercise sessions.
  • Logical Modelling of Design Reasoning and Learning. Intervention in “Option Ingénierie de la Conception” (2008-…). Models of learning in logic (Kripke structures, Monotonic and non-monotonic learning), C-K reasoning with logical formalism, Graph based knowledge models and design reasoning, Demonstration with Joujou simulations.

At partner institutions  

  • Theory and methods for innovative design (with Michel Nakhla). Master MODO, l’Université Paris Dauphine (2007-…), 12h (6h on theoretical lectures and introduction to C-K theory and 6h on advances on design theory, introduction to research workshops)
  • Introduction to Design Theory, Master DICAMP, ENIT, Tunisie, (one week introductory course, with DTMI pedagogical team)
  • C-K theory and organization of design activities. Specialised Master, ENSAM. 12h theoretical lectures and exercice sessions (2007-…).
  • C-K theory and organization of design activities. Course on “Cycle Ingénieur”, EIGSI. 12h theoretical lectures and exercice sessions (2007-2009).


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