Eric Ballot


Directeur du CGS



  • Directeur du CGS
  • Professeur
  • Head Professor of the industrial management and supply chain program (Option)
  • Paris Appeal Court accredited Expert

Principaux intérêts de recherche

Research areas:

  • Simulation and optimization of industrial and logistic operations,
  • Models for sustainable supply chain and logistic,
  • Physical Internet,
  • Theory and models for utility, choice and inventory management in supply networks.

My research, done in collaboration with the industry and supply chains, is based on the analysis and development of mathematical optimization and simulation models to design and improve actual and future supply chains. Thanks to the new possibility in optimization and data availability, operations research techniques are now applied to large-scale systems such as a food supply chains at country level. However as a member of the center for management my research also pays a great attention to organization, management aspects and consumer behavior. Recent work is focused on the development of the Physical Internet as a leading member in France of the international Physical Internet Initiative. For more information about the Physical Internet, please visit:

Responsabilités académiques

  • Visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of management (2007).
  • Board member of Club Déméter pour la logistique.
  • Board member of group 4 of PREDIT 4 research program.
  • Board member of Revue Française de Gestion Industrielle

Récompenses, conférences invitées

  • As project leader Eric Ballot received international cooperation prize from PREDIT in october 2013 in Paris for the Physical Internet simulation in french FMCG sector. This project was done in cooperation with EPFL & Laval University.
  • Best research paper in Industrial Engineering at International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management Montréal 2009 for the paper entitled: The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport by merging supply chains) with Frédéric Fontane and Shenle Pan.
  • InnoFret and Simulation Internet Physique research projects nominated for prize in the Carrefour du PREDIT (2011 and 2013).

Activités d'enseignement

Courses and Curricula at Mines Paris Tech

◦   Industrial management also available in ATHENS courses

◦   Supply chain

◦   Industrial management and Logistic Curricula ( « Option Systèmes de Production et logistique »):

  • Introduction to industrial management
  • Production methods and strategies: mass production, JIT, SC.
  • Inventory management, planning, scheduling, simulation and games.
  • Study of industrial organizations in low cost countries.

Other Courses given at Universities and Engineering Schools

◦   Supply chain, production methods and strategies (mass production, JIT, SC), planning, scheduling and simulation at IML, ENSTA, ESSEC.


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